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Intermold Nagoya 2018/Die & Mold Asia Nagoya 2018/Japan Metal Stamping Technology Nagoya 2018

13 juin 2018 @ 10h00 - 16 juin 2018 @ 16h00 UTC+9

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For people in the manufacturing Industry, Aichi prefecture is the central city
of the Automobile Industry. Not only World famous automobile
manufacturers, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI have the headquarters there, but also
lots of parts manufacturers are positioning around that. The share in Aichi
records 25% of the finished automobile and it could say Aichi is leading
Japanese economy and technology.
Based on “The innovation plan for Aichi automobile industry” , the Industry is
aimed at developing technology targeted at small and medium sized
companies, innovating materials, systems, energy and IoT for next-gen
vehicle, and further promotion for secure and safe communities.
For INTERMOLD, this challenge is necessary to promote Japanese mold and
die technology to the world.
We hope INTERMOLD brings new opportunity for all related manufacturers
in central Japan.
Nagoya, Aichi
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Début :
13 juin 2018 @ 10h00 UTC+9
Fin :
16 juin 2018 @ 16h00 UTC+9
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