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Intermold Osaka 2018/Die & Mold Asia Osaka 2018/Japan Metal Stamping Technology Osaka 2018

18 avril 2018 @ 10h00 - 21 avril 2018 @ 16h00 UTC+9

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INTERMOLD has been leading Japanese mold industry more than 25 years
as an exhibition to showcase state-of-the-art mold technology in Japan.
Nowadays the manufacturing industry is globalized. We need a platform to
offer companies with a global competitive advantage can deliver the
latest technology and information, and execute active business
communication. INTERMOLD is making an aggressive approach to
automotive parts, aircraft parts and electronics industries which work
closely with molding industry. The showcovers parts manufacturing and
surface treatment as well as highlighting additive manufacturing and 3D
printers as a Special Theme to promote a new business matching between
exhibitors to visitors.
We believe you can get a lot of business opportunities with this
comprehensive business platform which offers contact to all the steps of
manufacturing starting from the mold manufacturing.
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Début :
18 avril 2018 @ 10h00 UTC+9
Fin :
21 avril 2018 @ 16h00 UTC+9
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