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12 mars 2019 @ 10h00 - 16 mars 2019 @ 17h00 KST

Recent cross-industry convergence accelerating as Korea’s representative, such as automotive parts, IT related products, LED industrial use of plastics, rubber and kidney dazzling now several innovative plastic products such as metal, concrete, glass, and replace. Recent Plastics Industry such domestic plastic industry, it broke the boundaries between industries, with the rapid technological advances and expanding its territory, with high speed and precision equipment is required. Representative exhibition of the rubber industry domestic plastic KOPLAS of new products and technologies together in the exhibition, shows the vision of the Plastics and Rubber Industry, provides an opportunity to improve your competitiveness. Waits for you to enhance the value and competitiveness of your KOPLAS 2015 exhibition. Thank you.

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12 mars 2019 @ 10h00 KST
Fin :
16 mars 2019 @ 17h00 KST
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