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SPE Extrusion Minitec+

1 mai 2019 @ 8h00 - 2 mai 2019 @ 17h00 UTC-4

Day 1 — SPE Extrusion Minitec

  • Opening remarks: Phil Shoemaker, Polymer Center
  • Twin Screw Extruder Compounding and Metering Difficult Materials: Paul Andersen, Coperion
  • Selecting the Optimum Single Screw Extruder Screw Design: John Christiano, Davis-Standard
  • Mechanisms of Devolatilization in a Twin Screw Extruder: Paul Martin, JSW
  • What’s in Your Single Screw Extruder Barrel?: John Perdikoulius, Compuplast
  • Die Design Parameters for Blown Film: Karen Xiao, Celgard
  • Processing of PET in Tube Configurations on a Single Screw Extruder: Steve Schick, Teel Plastics
  • Die Design Basis for Sheet and Cast Film: Olivier Catherine, Cloeren
  • Processing Heat and Shear Sensitive Formulations on a Twin Screw Extruder: Charlie Martin, Leistritz
  • Tour of Polymers Center and Extruder Demonstrations
  • Interactive Co-Rotating Twin Screw Design/Assembly Session

Breaks, lunch and handout materials are included.

Day 2 — PET and PLA Extrusion Technology

  • Opening Remarks: Phil Shoemaker, Polymer Center
  • Global View of R-PET: Tim Koppenrath, Technip Zimmer
  • New Single Screw Technologies for PLA and PET: Tim Womer, TWW Associates
  • Comparative Melt Rheology of PET and PLA: Eldridge Mount, Emmount Industries
  • Engineering Your Process for Optimum Output and Quality When Extruding PLA (Ingeo): Jim Nangeroni, Nature Works
  • Pumps and Filtration for PET and PLA: Pablo Vaca, Maag
  • Plant Integration: a 4.0 Perspective: Joe Dziedzic, AEC/ACS
  • Control of Transesterification and Transamidation Mechanisms in Condensation Polymers with Supramolecular Recognition: Joe Webster, Stabililization Technologies
  • Continuous Filtration for Sheet Production: Paul Hueter, Ettlinger
  • Processing undried PET and PLA using Gneuss Processing Technology: Monika Gneuss, Gneuss
  • Opportunities for Improved PET Processing and Performance through Direct Extrusion: Sabine Schoenfeld, Coperion
  • PET and the Circular Economy: Stefan Deiss, Technip Zimmer

Breaks, lunch and handout materials are included.

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1 mai 2019 @ 8h00 UTC-4
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2 mai 2019 @ 17h00 UTC-4
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